A few words on how to approach Komprenio.

First of all – this is play. I want you to be active on Komprenio because you enjoy it. But it is play with a purpose. The community of members collectively interprets and analyzes current affairs, in real time and quantitatively.

You contribute to the understanding in three main ways: uploading news notes, writing research notes and trading in dividis.

When you read a news item that makes you update your views on a topic you find interesting, you are invited to share it with Komprenio, as a News Note. Make sure you tag it with the relevant dividi, generator and geography.

When you have a new idea or reach a new conclusion – do write it up as a Research Note. State your case as clearly and concisely as you can, but feel free to write as much as you wish.

When you reach a new insight, feel that you have understood our current situation a bit better – commit to that insight. You find the dividi that works as a proxy for your understanding, and you buy it, sell it or sell it short. Do add a quick note to explain the logic of your trade.

A word on tone. Komprenio deals with serious matters, often touching on deeply held convictions. It is a cornerstone of my approach that regardless of the gravity of the topic, or the disparity in views, the tone used in all writing has to be civil. If you write offensively you will be ejected. If your writing comes across as aggressive, your ratings will be poor and your K-index will suffer.

Finally – keep in mind that Komprenio is a competition. Challenge yourself to really dive into the competition and make an effort to trade as cleverly as you can. It is the joint efforts of our members that create the fast-changing yet insightful content of Komprenio.

Now prove to yourself, and others, that you know something about how this world works  >>

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