Komprenio is your Thinking-About—the-News Companion.
A playful competition for seriously curious news thinkers.
An exchange for insights and predictions on current affairs.
Compete by buying & selling; in our own currency - Specios.
Komprenio translates current affairs into “tradable” units. Real world outcomes determine their value. Your challenge is forecasting what will happen.
Komprenio is about thinking about current affairs in a new way. You think & compete in three ways.

Read something that makes you rethink an issue? Post it & explain why it matters. Score when others see a point (they need not agree).
Spell out your thinking; what do you think will happen? Release your Inner Writer. Be clear & cold (under pseudonym). Score when others find your thoughts worth reading.
Commit to your conclusions: buy or sell on the Komprenio exchange. Score when you understand where events are heading (before others).
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We Live in Interesting Times. Think About It.

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