Komprenio Q&A

1.    What is the point?

We are creating an exchange for thinking about what the news really mean. To quantify, to distill the best take on where current affairs are heading. To understand our now.

2.    Is this something new?

Yes, we think it is. It is not a financial market. It is not betting. It is not a debate forum. You have Facebook for expressing your values and feelings. Twitter for the very latest. Komprenio is for making sense of your current affairs reading. Allowing you to express what you think it means and compete with other people's take.

3.    How do I learn to play?

Sign up as a test user and click around. And read the Dictionary section.

4.    What do I use this for – what’s in it for me?

Think of Komprenio as your companion in understanding the world. This is where you find the truly important news to read, from all kinds of sources, selected by people who have shown they known something.

This is where you write down your take on what you read – allowing you to embrace your inner thought leader, and that writer only you know is in you.

And Komprenio is where you commit to your analyses – putting them in writing and into numbers. And then you see where you got it right, and where you didn’t.

5.    I am not a trader or a financial person – why is this a market?

Not to worry. We use the mechanisms of a financial market, but only because they allow you to condense lots of thinking into one number, the price.

Markets are a beautiful thing. In reality they may not always really work as theory suggests, but here, in our own Komprenio world, they work great. And it is not hard to learn.

6.    What about right or wrong, good or bad?

This is not about what should happen in the future, based on your values, hopes and feelings. Komprenio is about what will happen.

7.    How is this linked to reality?

The outcome in Komprenio takes the form of yield. The yield is driven by the actual outcomes, seen in publicly available data series. No black box. And ultimately, the prices are driven by the yield. So you only have to figure out what will happen and when. Nothing else (!) . How other members trade will impact the price, but in the end, the yield and the underlying drives are all that matters.

8.    How should I write?

Keep it cool. Many topics are highly contentious. To make Komprenio work, you should try to write in a style that is calm and to the point. You should make it worth your peers’ time to read. Remember, you are free to take any extreme positions in your trading. No need to make your writing sound agitated. Go sell crazy somewhere else.

9.    Can I make (or lose) money playing?

No. You play to gain honor. To show that you understand something about how the world works.

10. What kinds of topics are covered?

In this early version, we focus on politics (“Power”). But we will gradually add many more topics. The plan is to cover all the issues that a broad current affairs magazine would cover. Except sports.

11. Is this all about making predictions?

Not really. We think of it as using the information available right now, combining it with your best understand of how the world works, and making the best possible assessment of how things will develop. Predictions are statements that you make once and then defend. We want members to stay mentally agile and update their assessment as new information comes online. That is why we don’t use the term “prediction”.

12. Why do people use pseudonyms?

Writing under a pen name is an important feature here. You are free to write down what you really think will happen, good news or bad. You have Facebook and zillions of forums for sharing your opinions and for venting your frustrations. You have Komprenio for expressing your more analytical views. And get quantified feedback – did you get it right?

13. How should I rate other members submissions?

Ask yourself – what this worth your time reading? Did you learn something that made you update your take on the future? Rate as a 5 if it was worth reading, on balance.

14. Who is behind Komprenio?

Komprenio is created by Franz Besserwisser AB, a start-up based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is owned by two individuals, representing no one. We have no affiliations with any political, religious or financial outfit.

15. Does this cost any money?

No. At this stage, membership is free. But we will introduce a “Senior Membership” for individuals who wish to step up their role within Komprenio.

16. What kinds of values are behind this?

Curiosity. Skepticism. Current affairs - obsession. Open mindedness.

Komprenio is for seriously curious grown-ups. For people willing to be exposed to views they do not share. Happy to engage in intellectual combat. Not in the form of a debate, but in the form of trading on how things will turn out.

17. How do I calculate the “correct” price I should buy or sell at?

You use the "Analyzer" tool. Available in the Dividi information box. You put in your estimates for how the dividi will perform and the tool gives you a time weighted value that reflects your assumptions. Of course you will try to buy at a lower price.

18. How long has Komprenio been around?

Komprenio is new. In fact, we are still in the "beta" stage. This means only people invited to join can become members. If you wish to try us out, sign up here.

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