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This is where we explain most of the common concepts and terminology used in Komprenio.

Activity score

Your activity score shows how active you have been within Komprenio. Every trade you make, every research note you publish, and every news note you add increases your activity score.

Biggest Movers

This list displays the Dividis who have changed the most in value. You can select the time period over which the change is calculated. The calculation is based on the relative change. The purpose is to show you where the most dramatic re-evaluation of the situation has taken place.


This window allows you to browse lists of all the dividis, generators and members. You can select the order in which you wish to see them. This is useful when you are looking for underpriced dividis, where you can see that the level of yield they get is high relative to their current price.


A commitment where you decide to acquire dividis. You would do this when you think that the current price does not reflect correctly the future stream of yield this dividi will receive. This could be because you think it will receive higher yield in the future, or that it will receive its current yield for a longer time than the current price reflects.


Komprenio is built as a market exchange. It uses the language of a stock market. But we use the term “commitment” instead of “trading”; Komprenio is about commiting to your own analysis, not about trading per se. A commitment can take the form of “Buy”, “Sell” or “Sell Short”. Matching and clearing of outstanding bids is currently done only once an hour; but every hour of the day (and night). More frequent clearing may be implemented later on, but not necessarily; because as said, Komprenio is not primarily about trading, but investing (commiting), wisely and deliberatly.

Commitment Note

When you make a commitment (ie a trade), you are encouraged to write a quick note to explain why you are making it. Your note will be tied to the actual commitment (trade) you made. The purpose is to allow you to keep track of what insight made you make this decision. It also helps others understand and possibly follow your lead.


Komprenio sometimes includes competitions for its members. They allow members to compete in terms of their investment success within only a subset of dividis, clustered around a topic and over a limited time. The competition generates a list of participating members based on their portfolio performance for the dividis included in the competitition. The member with the best performance at the end of the competition wins. Winning a competition earns you credibility points.

Credibility Score

Your credibility score is based on the ratings your research notes receive from other members. The credibility score is combined with your portfolio performance into your K-index.


All activities are labelled with at least one dimension. The dimensions indicate different perspectives on current affairs. “Power” essentially means Politics. “Earth” covers energy markets and environmental issues. “Economics” means everything related to financial markets and economics. “Business” covers all matters related to commerce.


A dividi is the Komprenio equivalent to a share, or equity. It is the entity you buy and sell to reflect your assessment of the prospects of the underlying entity. The price of the dividi is determined by other members; the value is the price another member is willing to pay for it. The yield, or income, of the dividi, is determined by the generator(s) the dividi is tied to at any given time. The term “dividi” refers both to all the dividis/shares tied to an entity, and to the individual dividis into which it is divided. Example: the “Barack Obama dividi” and “I have 2500 obama dividis, which is 1% of the total available”.

Dividi Tag

When you write a News Note or a Research Note, you are encouraged to connect your text to a dividi. You do that by entering the ID of the dividi in the correct box. This will make your text show when a member searches for that dividi.


Generators are central to Komprenio. A Generator generates yield, every day. The amount of yield generated from a Generator reflects the importance of that Generator. It also reflects the changes, over time to that importance.


All entities can be tied to a geographic area. The top filter selects the items with the correct geographic tags and displays them. The geographic tags are structured in a hierarchy, so that an item tagged with “California” will be shown when the filter is set to “U.S.A.”. K-index The K-index reflects your performance within Komprenio. It is a weighted metric reflecting a member's performance in terms of Net Worth Performance (50%), Average Rating on published texts (30%) and Activity level (20%). The K-index is calculated over the last 90 days, giving more weight to the most recent 30 day.


The people using Komprenio are referred to as members. They write and trade on Komprenio under pseudonym.

Most Traded

The most traded list displays the Dividis who have changed hands the most. You can select the time period over which the change is calculated. The calculation is based on the number of dividis that have been bought and sold. The purpose is to show you where the most active exchange of views has taken place.

News Item

Finding news items that provide new information that really should change how we understand the future is a key feature of Komprenio. When you find such an item, you are strongly encouraged to upload it to Komprenio. You do that by clicking News Note and completing the form. It is in your interest to do this for two reasons. Adding news items builds your credibility score. Even more so when they get good ratings. And sharing the information that made you change your views will encourage others to follow your lead, which will make your investments perform better.


A portfolio is the sum of all holdings a member has. It is open for all members to what others are holding right now. The portfolio view shows what dividis you hold, how they have changed since you bought them and the yield they provide.

Portfolio performance

Your portfolio performance reflects how well your investment decisions are working out. It is calculated based on the value of all the dividis you are holding, plus the last day’s yield compared over time, all the way back to when you started trading with Komprenio.


All Komprenio members play using a pseudonym. The reason is that it allows everyone to be treated equally – what matters is only the performance of your portfolio and the quality of your writings. Where you are from, your occupation or your gender does not matter. The anonymity provided also allows you to express your honest views, irrespective of what your friends or colleagues think you should be thinking. It is important for Komprenio that all members are focused on understanding what will happen – not expressing their opinions on what should happen.


Each time you read a Research note, you are asked to rate it. Please do. The rating serves two purposes: to rank the notes so that the best ones are displayed to members first and to reward the members who write good research notes. You should use two criteria when you rate a research note; quality of insight and of style. For insight, the question is: did the note make you update your assessment of the dividi analyzed? Did you learn something new – something that made you update your views? For tone: was the text on-topic, well-argued and written in a easy to read and correct style?

Research Note

Research notes are the format that allows you to put in writing your thoughts and conclusions on a topic. You write it to clarify your own thinking for your own benefit and pleasure, and you write to expain to others why you trade the way you do. Writing a well crafted research note will allow you win over other members to your point of view. As others start to commit to the same view, the dividis you have bought or sold short will develop accordingly. It is important to tag the research note, so that it is displayed when other members are looking into the same dividi or topic.


To sell is to make a commitment where you decide to sell or divest dividis. You do this in the commitment window. You select the dividi you wish to sell. You define the price at which you are willing to sell. Finally you define the number of dividis you wish to sell at this price. Note that the sale will not go through unless there is a matching buying bid. If the matching bid is for a smaller quantity than you have offered to sell, only the quantity of the matching buy bid is included in the transaction.

Sell Short

When you think a dividi is trading at a price that is too elevatated, you can make a commitment by selling it short. This means that you borrow the dividi, sell it right away and then, later, you buy it back so that you can repay your loan. If you are correct and the price of the dividi declines over the period you do this, you will make a handsome profit. If the price increases, it quickly turns into a very costly investment. Use with caution. This is a great tool for commiting to shooting down over-valuations.


Specio is the name of the Komprenio currency. It is make-believe money. To be successful in Komprenio is to build a growing fortune of specios.


Komprenio wants you to be trading actively with the Specios you have at hand. Since your portfolio is supplied with new specios every day (at least if you hold yield-generating dividis) the amount of Specios you have will increase. To encourage commitments, a tax is levied on the specios balance. The tax rates varies. It it calculated to optimize the total number of specios in circulation. All members face the same tax rate on the same day.

Top Filter

The top filter (TF) at the top of all pages allows you to filter all the information on the page. Use it to focus on one dimension at a time, or one geographic area.


A topic is a term that connects several different dividis and generators. You use it as a filter term, to see all the dividis and generators associated with that topic.


All the selling and buying made by members is matched. You cannot sell a dividi unless another member is willing to buy at that price. When you wish to buy, sell or sell short, you place a bid. This bid is then shown as one of your open bids. The matching takes place every hour, on the hour. This means that all the bids submitted during the previous hour, plus the bids still open from previous sessions are used in the matching.

Upcoming Event

Komprenio shows you, based on the Top Filter you have selected, a list of important upcoming events. They serve to guide you in terms of when you can expect important news to be available.


Yield is the daily payout from each generator to the dividi tied to that generator on that day. There is a yield amount for all of the generator and an amount paid out per individual dividi. The amount of yield reflects the relative importance of the generator.

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